Philip Zimbardo

The Blade Dancer


Philip has a dark, secret, past.

Zimbardo accepted a tenured position as professor of psychology at Trithorp University. With a government grant from the Theocracy of Nosirast, he conducted the Trithorp prison study in which 24 clinically sane individuals were randomly assigned to be “prisoners” or “guards” in a mock dungeon located in the basement of the psychology building at Trithorp (three additional college students were selected as alternates, only one of whom participated in the study). The planned two-week study into the psychology of prison life ended after only six days due to emotional trauma being experienced by the participants. The students quickly began acting out their roles, with “guards” becoming sadistic and “prisoners” showing extreme passivity and depression.

The volunteers knew they were being used in a study but they did not know when the study would be taking place, so the initial shock of being randomly arrested one morning and taken to the mock prison put them in a mild state of shock. On arrival, the “prisoners” were stripped, searched, shaved and deloused, which caused a great deal of humiliation. They were then issued uniforms, ID numbers, and escorted to their cells by the volunteer prison guards. The guards themselves were not given any specific instruction or guidelines for the way they were to treat the prisoners besides the fact they were not allowed to use corporal punishment. Instead, the psychologists allowed them to do whatever was needed to keep order in the prison. They were dressed in identical uniforms, wore a whistle around their neck and carried a night stick.

Zimbardo struggled to hide his beliefs from the theocracy but was eventually ousted during an inquisition. He disguised himself and a handful of loyal students smuggled him out of the city. From here he fled to the coast and was picked up by the pirate captain Irvos.

Irvos was a legendary captain for pillaging his way across farming villages, and even robbed the royal bank of Nosirast. Irvos was feared by many because he had a tame giant named Argus on his crew. However, Zimbardo befriended Argus and turned on the crew, slaughtering many in their sleep. But Irvos was too skilled of a fighter for them and killed Argus. Zimbardo swam away and was washed ashore on a deserted island, he stayed there for years with only Arguses giant sword for company.

Philip Zimbardo

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