Bounty hunting, gladiatorial fights, Artifact retrieval. Whatever it takes to earn earn his fame


Godda live for the thrill of bathing in the blood of his foes and will never cease his pursuit to become a legend to rival a god.

When Godda was a boy he was a just a farmhand for the family farm in a small village. He always dreamed of adventure and had fantasy’s about battle as kids often do, but his father put those dreams down as much as they came up. His father never wanted Godda to leave for he was to inherit the family farm and to find a good wife to keep the family blood strong. Even though his dreams often got crushed his older sister Kira was always there to cheer him back up. A couple of years later the family was devastated when Kira fell gravely ill with unknown sickness and passed away days later, life for Godda became much more mundane after her death, following his fathers orders to help around the farm. Godda’s dreams of adventure have nearly entirely faded away by now.

Four years later on the day of Godda’s 12th birthday there was a small family gathering to celebrate, his father had gone out of town to get supplies and gifts for him. Everything was going nicely, everyone was getting along very well which rarely happens with his family partially because they hate the cold snowy winters. After a while of partying waiting for his fathers return with the supplies everyone heard a horribly loud scream coming from near the front gate of the village. Wondering what had happened all of the family had rushed out to witness what was the most horrifying thing any of them have seen, Godda’s father was slowly limping to the front gate covered in blood. As Godda’s father fell to his knees at the gate there seemed to be some strange fog rolling in oddly fast behind him. Godda screamed out to his father at the top of his lungs so much that it hurt, but not as bad as the pain he felt from the sight in front of him. Moments after he could see his father wording something though he could not hear what it might have been, immediately after a man donned on a pitch black horse came swiftly out of the fog from behind his father, passing in front of him, the only noise that was made was the stomping of the hooves and a sharp yet swift whistle and a quiet crack. As the rider circled back behind and to the side of his father all that was left was his headless body and a fan of blood in the cold snow in front of him. His headless body fell to the ground, everyone in the town started running and screaming in a crazed panic. Godda, paralyzed with dread, all he could do was stand in shock. Many other riders on black steeds began to ride into the village, setting all the huts and crops ablaze killing everyone in sight. Leaving just that little 12 year old boy left, what Godda can only assume is the leader of these invaders and also the man that killed his father approached him, dismounting from he horse in front of the frightened boy, lifts his sword to the boys chin looking him up and down, removes the sword and turns to his horse and turns back only to toss his fathers severed head at his feet. Flooded with rage of the death of his father and entire village he takes a small dagger he keeps in his boot and charges the invader with blind fury. With an effortless motion the leader swiftly turns around and snatches the boys wrist, gives him an almost betrayed look and then backhands him with his large gauntlet. Godda on the verge of passing out is only able to see a few flashes of the man getting back on his horse and an emblem on the side of the horse of a serpent with many arms wielding swords.

Godda in his sleep could swear he heard a woman calling out to him, telling him to harbor the hatred within him for his fathers murderer and seek revenge. Years later unable to fulfill his fathers wishes for him to inherit the family farm, Godda has traveled from place to place getting gold where he could, doing whatever it took to stay alive, be it pit fights, petty thievery, or simply begging the right people. A knight in his later years who called himself Inah approached Godda and offered to take him in and train him to defend himself. A couple of years later he was old enough to venture out on his own with the skills and knowledge that the knight gave him.


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